I am a sculptor, cartoonist and designer.  I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I grew up in Centennial, Colorado with my parents, my older brother, my two younger sisters, our various family dogs, and a pet hedgehog named Sterrance.
Whimsy is absolutely essential to my work.  There is a lightness and joy that can only come through creation, a playfulness that can tackle subjects large and small.  This is not humor in a cynical or dismissive sense, but a humor that comes from engaging with the world and finding beauty in the humble things.  
My desire for whimsy takes shape in characters of outrageous shape and proportion.  My eternal fascination with creatures both real and imaginary, as well as an obsession with all things comic or cartoon, drew me naturally to things like The Muppets, Gravity Falls, Spore, Popeye the Sailor, and the Legend of Zelda when I was growing up.  My inspiration from these popular sources has evolved and matured as I have, eventually merging with a more formal education in art and art history to create universes teeming with bizarre yet amicable creatures.  My studio and my sketchbooks are populated with gnomes, amphibians, extra-terrestrials, and everything in between.  These creatures are both nostalgic and unheard of, as familiar as a picture book but as foreign as a brand new species.  They are the embodiments of the wonder I find in creation as well as the humor I want others to experience.
"Nude men in sculpture are not as beautiful as toads."
- Constantin Brancusi
Email me: justindkedl@gmail.com