Rawshark Studios is an independent screen printing and toy design studio in Beverly, MA.  Artist and founder Jesse Moore produces his own line of GLYOS-compatible action figures and screen-printed shirts based around them.  In the winter of 2019 and 2020, I helped him build a new website through Shopify, shop.rawsharkstudios.com, to house both his shirt designs and designs by other GLYOS system artists.
Jesse has an edgy, grungy aesthetic in all of his work.  He really loves the early internet, early 2000's, mySpace/Blogspot aesthetic, and he said he wanted the whole thing to be "weird."  To achieve this, I created a series of animated gifs in Illustrator, AfterEffects, and Photoshop to make the website dance and pop while users are navigating.  This included animating the current Rawshark logo and designing three animated shark characters— Wayne, Jerk, and Teeth— that serve as mockups for all of the shirts on the site.  Rawshark Studios now has a modern, fun, accessible website for their t shirts, and Jesse Moore's line of Callgrim figures will be migrated over to the site in 2020.
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