Growing up, I wanted nothing more than for the cartoons I drew in the margins of my notebooks to come to life.  I found a realization for this dream as an undergraduate art student at Gordon College, giving physical form to these strange creatures in clay, stone, and other materials.  In teaching, I have watched my students discover these same freedoms and joys in the arts as they explore their own ideas.  As an art instructor at the Pingree School, I would be honored to help your students discover a similar passion for the arts.
While most of my personal work is stylized and sculptural, I am knowledgeable in a wide range of mediums and styles: abstract and representational, two dimensional and three dimensional, physical and digital (right and below).
My teaching experience is as varied as my skill set, from formal school settings to community art centers, from traditional pottery to multimedia installation, from second graders to 60-year-olds.  In all of these situations, my goal is to help my students access their ideas by providing them with the knowledge, means, and support they need to accomplish them.​​​​​​​
As an Alumni Teaching Fellow at Valor Christian High School, I introduced more sculptural techniques into the department and facilitated more cross-disciplinary assignments.  I instructed students in a diverse array of projects, from a 23-foot-long, mixed media print (below) to ceramic sculptures that won the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards at the state level (left).
I grounded my students in technique and history, introducing them to artists both past and present while providing them with rigorous training in technical skills.
 Then, as now in my pottery and after-school art classes, I fostered the values of artistic community that I learned from studying in Italy and working as an artist-in-residence in Denmark, encouraging critique and collaboration between my students.  I would teach this same knowledge of craft, appreciation for history, and importance of community in the art department at the Pingree School.  I am sure that I could introduce my students to the same love of the arts that I discovered in high school and continue to rediscover every day as a professional artist.
The rest of my personal work can be found in the above pages on this website.  Thank you very much for your consideration.  I look forward to talking with you more about this position soon.
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