For the 2017/2018 season, the Gordon College Department of Theatre Arts wanted to create a unified series of posters for all of their shows.  I was asked to create a design for each show that would both showcase the individual plot while maintaining an overall look and feel that would become recognizable for the department.
Jeff Miller, the director of all the fall shows, and Ryan Cannister, the department's publicity assistant, and I all got together and talked about how we wanted these posters to look.  We needed a general layout that was versatile enough to represent a wide range of theatre, from a serious drama like Blood and Gifts to a romantic comedy musical like She Loves Me.  We settled on these minimal, type- and icon-driven designs with bright, limited color palettes.  Each poster references its individual story through an object, suggesting the plot without revealing it.  The result was a series of eleven posters for seven shows that created an identifiable brand for the department.  Each design was also broadly applied to web advertisements and programs, and designs for MainStage shows were applied to other marketing materials like tickets and buttons.
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