One of my duties as an intern with the Gordon College Global Education Office (GEO) was to design a new logo for the program.  The office has not had a logo in recent years, and they wanted something that would get them more recognition and, in turn, make students on campus more aware of the office as a resource for studying abroad.
The Gordon College GEO does their best to emphasize education through immersion and presence in a local culture.  We did not want the logo to look too much like a travel agency, or have anything that would reference vacationing or tourism.  We wanted the logo to remain as academic as possible.  In designing the logo, I also had to follow Gordon College's brand standards (certain colors, Gotham font, etc) since the office is under their jurisdiction.
The final result was this globe encased in the letter G, standing both for "Global" and for "Gordon."  The globe represents both travel and global awareness without referencing tourism, maintaining the academic, educational feel we wanted.
I also created additional marketing material for various office events, such as Trivia Night and the Global Ed Fair, for print and screen use.
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